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11:58 PM
phần mềm New English File: Elementary MultiROM
A new Grammar Bank section with rules and exercises.
Practical English lessons, a focus on functional language supported by the New English File Study Link Videos.
The same unequalled level of teacher support.

More photocopiable materials for teachers, with an extra grammar and communicative activity for every lesson.
The English File series is one of the best available and the new Elementary level is an improvement over the original. The student’s book is well laid out, well illustrated and has vocabulary and grammar sections at the back.
It takes learners from the verb to be up to the present perfect. Perhaps the book tries to cover too much too quickly; the past simple is reached very quickly and slower students would benefit from additional exercises using the present simple. The teacher’s book has also been improved and the workbook includes a useful CD ROM.

SIÊU TIẾT KIỆM: Nhằm giảm tối đa chi phí cho khách hàng, thay vì phải mua 5 VCD riêng biệt (tùy chọn) với tổng giá trị là 50.000Đ, chúng tôi sẽ giúp các bạn tiết kiệm chi phí bằng cách nén vào trong 1 DVD với giá chỉ còn 20.000Đ.

 Mã số đĩa: VCD 322:  phần mềm New English File: Elementary MultiROM  (1 VCD)

Giá: 10.000 VNĐ/VCD

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